Biophilia Summit 2023 [recording]

7 June 2023 [online]

Join us in this innovative one-day event focused on bringing together the latest research, disciplines, and best practices around biophilic topics, with the aim to create conversations and advance awareness and practice.  

Reconnecting with nature will save our society. The Biophilic Society

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The Biophilia Summit is a first of its kind cutting-edge one-day event gathering biophilic lovers from all over Europe and beyond, focused on bringing together the latest research, disciplines, and best practices around biophilic topics in fields as architecture, fashion, art, psychology, leadership and many others, learning from key players and biophilic advocates, with the aim to create conversations and advance awareness and practice.


    agriculture, architecture, artificial intelligence & technology, education, fashion, health, 
photography & film making, psychology & anthropology, research & practice

Target group

    biophilic lovers, architects, designers, psychologists, educators, artists, researchers, 
consultants, manufacturers, policy makers.  


    biophilia, biophilic design, regenerative sustainability, architecture, engineering, interior design, constructions, biology, psychology, mindfulness, art, photography, film making, nature, beauty, fashion, collaboration, regenerative design, Living Building Challenge, wellbeing, Living Future Europe, education, innovation, circular economy    


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[Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash]


Times are CEST (UTC+2)


10:00 - 10:10Welcome & Intro

Carlo Battisti

10:10 - 11:00Biophilic Design across borders: a keynote dialogue between East and West with the Stephen R. Kellert Biophilic Design Award 2022-2023 winners [ARCHITECTURE]

Yoshiaki Komatsu | JR Kumamoto Railway Station Building (Japan)
Gijs Bruggink | De Verwondering (The Netherlands)
Moderation: Carlo Battisti

11:00 - 11:20Designing cities & buildings with Nature in mind [ARCHITECTURE]

Jérémy Durand | BiodiverCity®: a tool for integrating and evaluating biophilia for buildings and neighborhoods
Moderation: Carlo Battisti

11:20 - 11:35BIOPHILIC BREAK

11:35 - 12:20The role of biophilic lighting design in regenerative architecture [LIGHT]

Wim aan de Stegge | Biophilic Lighting Design
Paolo Creati | Lighting design as a strategy for inclusion
Martina Frattura | The Beauty Movement
Moderation: Nuria Muñoz Arce

12:20 - 13:00Nature as therapy. The psychology of Human connection to Nature. [PSYCHOLOGY]

Rita Trombin | Heal the World with Awe
Anicee Carolyn Bauer | Spiritual Design - a journey from head to heart
Moderation: Rita Trombin

13:00 - 14:00BIOPHILIC BREAK

Escape from laptops

14:00 - 14:30Virtual Environments and Biophilic Patterns: Opportunities and Challenges for Mimicking and Enhancing Real-World Natural Experiences (AI Generated Title) [ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE]

Martin Brown
Jelena Brajkovic
Moderation: Martin Brown

14:30 - 15:15From field to fashion: exploring the intersection of Biophilic design [FASHION, AGRICULTURE]

Rachel Sheila Kan
Toby Diggens
Moderation: Martin Brown

15:15 - 15:45Through the lenses of Biophilia: a dialogue around Photography [PHOTOGRAPHY]

Christian Passeri
in conversation with Carlo Battisti

15:45 - 16:00BIOPHILIC BREAK

16:00 - 16:40The Healing Power of Nature: Biophilia in Healthcare facilities [HEALTH]

Terri Peters | Biophilic Design Strategies for Long-Term Care Environments
Natali Ghawi | Biophilic Design in End-of-Life Care
Amelia Chasey | Healing By Design - Biophilic Design in Healthcare
Moderation: Martin Brown

16:40 - 17:00Neuroscience insight on love, empathy, and beauty in architecture [NEUROSCIENCE]

Marta Delgado
Moderation: Carlo Battisti

17:00 - 17:30The future of Biophilia

A chat with biophilia champions, feat.
John Ennis
Erin Rovalo
Richard Piacentini
Moderation: Vanessa Champion

17:30 - 17:40Closing remarks

Carlo Battisti


Carlo Battisti Living Future Europe

Degree in Civil Engineering from the Politecnico of Milan, about 20 years of experience in construction companies with different roles, 15 as sustainable innovation manager & consultant. Master of Management and Organizational Development at MIP. LEED, Living Future, WELL and RESET AP. USGBC & WELL Faculty. LF Hero. In 2009-2022, he has been working with IDM South Tyrol as an innovation manager in the Ecosystem Construction. In 2017-2021 he was Chair of the COST Action 'REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy' (RESTORE). Since 2019 he is President at Living Future Europe. He co-founded the Biophilic Society and coordinates LFE biophilic design strategy.

Nuria Muñoz Arce habitarmonia

Nuria Muñoz's journey began with studies in Business Management and Marketing in Bilbao, Spain. She gained valuable experience at Procter and Gamble and Bridgestone, contributing to launches CEOs. Nuria pursued education in Belgium, specializing in Interior Design. With a vision of creating healthier environments, she founded Habitarmonia, an award-winning design studio. She is dedicated to biophilic design and passionate about educating professionals on its principles. As a consultant, speaker, and educator, Nuria inspires positive change, promoting sustainable and happier spaces. Her interdisciplinary approach and visionary leadership establish her as a trusted authority.

Martin Brown Living Future Europe

Martin, FRSA, is a Regenerative Provocateur based in Lancashire, VP at Living Future Europe, LF Hero and Co-Chair of Longridge Environment Group. Vice Chair of the COST Action RESTORE (2017-21).

Blending a passion for outdoor exploration with a lifelong career in the built environment, Martin is a pioneer and inspiration voice in the built environment regenerative thinking as advisor, educator, commentator, speaker, and author.

He supports, counsels, nurtures, and provokes many organisations on their regenerative journeys and discoveries. As founder and host of the Zoom Regenerative online conversation series, he gives time and space for regenerative voices globally.

Vanessa Champion Journal of Biophilic Design

Originally an academic at UCL, honing her research into how the visual environment informs our behaviours, Ness has a PhD in Greek and Latin, with a focus on ancient scripts, art and architecture working in the British Museum.

She founded The Journal of Biophilic Design to share interviews with thought leaders on how biophilia and nature-inspired design supports wellbeing for people, planet, and place.

Ness has worked in various industries, including finance and broadcast culminating in editing a London newspaper and setting up her own media company, founding PhotoAid Global Foundation and co-founding The Space Doctors with Dr Sally Augustin.

Keynote Speakers

Yoshiaki Komatsu Nikken Sekkei

Komatsu Yoshiaki is a landscape architect with Nikken Sekkei (Osaka, Japan) where he specializes in environmental building projects that make masterful use of special greening technologies as well as landscape design for offices, educational facilities, hotels, commercial facilities, and parks.

He works to create landscapes that are only possible in that region at that place, and to create spaces with pleasant greenery that enrich the lives of individuals. He completed his studies at the Graduate School of Osaka Prefecture University.

He is a consultant engineer, a registered landscape architect, and a tree surgeon.

Gijs Bruggink ORGA Architect

General manager, researcher, and consultant at ORGA architect with a passion for biophilic design. ORGA is an architecture firm with a strong focus on the natural cycle of the circular economy. Schooled as an historian, Gijs loves to connect current developments in sustainable and regenerative thinking to the everyday practice of creating architecture. During the ten years he has worked at ORGA he’s come to believe in biophilic design as a powerful driving force for change in the building sector. As Living Future Accredited professional Gijs is brought into ORGA’s projects in the early design phase to explore regenerative thinking and biophilic architecture.


Biophilic design shakes up the conceptual process by asking new questions, provokes new reflections on the potential of the built environment and invites the project team to explore the advantages of a design aimed at the connection between human being and nature. Including interior design and social housing. The Living Building Challenge framework could be a source of inspiration.

Jérémy Durand ARP Astrance

Jérémy Durand is an urban ecologist and biodiversity project leader at ARP Astrance. As an agronomic engineer he has specialized in the last years on labels and certifications related to biodiversity and biophilia. Member of the IBPC and accredited BiodiverCity® assessor, he and his team have helped more than 120 sites and projects obtain the BiodiverCity® labels. These BiodiverCity® labels aim at integrating biodiversity and biophilic topics in neighbourhood projects or buildings, whether they are under construction, renovation, or operation phase. In particular, he participated, on behalf of the IBPC, in the making of the BiodiverCity® Life label.


Wim aan de Stegge Lampje aan

I graduated in Integrated Product Design at the Delft University of Technology in the NL. During various internships I finally ended up in lighting design as the perfect balance between product design and architecture. I started at Philips Lighting, where I developed my research on Biophilia; and later I continued at Beersnielsen Lighting Designers, where I got the opportunity to put my research in a lighting design project for nature reserve park “de Hoge Veluwe”, which received various awards. After these experiences I shifted to New Delhi, where I worked for 3 years. I have now returned to the NL to fund my own studio Lampje aan, in which I will develop my vision on Biophilic Lighting Design.

Paolo Creati MIUR

After experiencing several jobs, I decided to join the world of education, with a special attention to people with learning difficulties. I attended the specialization course as a learning support teacher in high schools.

As a teacher of students with special educational needs, I deal with many different disabilities and for this research, I concentrated my interest in visual sensory disability. The mission is to guarantee the inclusiveness of people with disabilities, in particular for visually impaired students, by exploiting the resource of light. My work aimed to formulate an educational environment that takes into account the didactic and individual needs of students.

Martina Frattura The Beauty Movement

Martina Frattura, class 2020 of the 40 under forty lighting awards, works as a lighting designer and independent researcher. Graduated in Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano and at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Architectural Lighting Design and Health. She directed “A Beautiful Light” itinerant research that has taken her to ten different countries, and which investigates the use of artificial lighting to sustain a good level of attention. Martina is now head of the think-tank “The Beauty Movement”, made of designers, scientists, artists, architects, and philosophers, who seek the fundamental principles of aesthetics and its impact to the various disciplines.


The biophilia hypothesis is the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life. The term biophilia was used by Erich Fromm which in 1973 described biophilia as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” Anecdotal and qualitative evidence suggests that humans are innately attracted to nature.

Rita Trombin Biofilia

Environmental Psychologist and Biophilic Design Expert, she is on a mission to reconnect people with nature, especially in urban and indoor spaces, where the majority of the world's population spends 90% of their time. She lived, travelled, and researched in over 35 countries around the world. Each of these environments helped shape her as a researcher, lecturer, consultant, author, and public speaker. On an inside-outside continuum, she works to support people to take care of themselves by taking care of their own environment, generating together a positive impact on the community and the world we live in.

Anicee Carolyn Bauer Humans In Trees

Anicee is an Environmental Psychologist & Coach, located in Amsterdam, who guides and supports people in their personal and spiritual development. In 2022 she started her own endeavour Humans In Trees and therein she aims to help people get closer to their true essence and to seek inner peace, so that they feel empowered again to design their lives from the inside out. Anicee believes that at the heart of all our (global) problems lies our distorted relationship with nature: our lack of spirituality. Therefore, she focuses on the journey we all have to go on sooner or later: the journey from head to heart.

Jelena Brajkovic University of Belgrade

PhD in New Media Architecture and Environments. Research of expanded boundaries of architecture at the intersection of art, design, nature, science & technology. I help projects develop and run - management/research/design positions at different types of employments and projects – academic, scientific, building, cultural and design – EU Cost Scientific Framework, EU IPA International Cultural Framework, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia.


Biophilic design in fashion is in creating clothing and accessories that enhance the wearer’s well-being. Connecting them with the natural world, using materials and production methods that are environmentally robust. Increasingly popular as consumers become more aware of the impact of fashion on the natural world and seek more sustainable and healthy clothing options.


Urban architecture and biophilic gardens: enhancing nature connectedness. Urban farming and agriculture, and the returning trend to cultivate within cities in order to reconnect with nature, recover awareness of life cycles and reducing the impact of producing and delivering food through industrial processes from afar.

Rachel Sheila Kan Circular Earth LTD / The Ecosystem Incubator

Rachel Sheila Kan is an Ecosystem Architect, Fashion circularity specialist, TEDx speaker.

She is the award-winning founder of The Ecosystem Incubator, Circular Earth LTD & Real Circularity.

She is passionate about applying Circularity and collaboration to transform the fashion industry.

She is the author of Try it on and is a sought-after lecturer, speaker, and consultant in the areas of sustainability, technology and living systems.

Toby Diggens Digg and Co

Ecology and landscape architect with Digg & Co based in Devon, England. He has just completed the renovation and rebuild of the Nature Barn, his home, designed and lovingly constructed to Living Building Challenge. His goal is to reimagine the way we design the human world alongside unabashed nature, and to push continually towards the conjunction of architecture and landscape so tamed man and wildlife can live harmoniously.


Showing the connection with Nature’s intelligence, creating images and videos that enhance well-being through nature images. Photos and videos might be a landscape, a detailed view, or something completely different. Elements and attributes from Stephen R. Kellert’s work could be a source of inspiration.

Christian Passeri

Shapes, colours, environments, organisms: everything we experience, close to home or travelling abroad, defines us as human beings. A species that is tending to forget its role in Nature, especially its relationship to her.

With my photography I try to capture what is left of the Natural World, in order to give to others a key to appreciate its beauty, power and fragility. My favourite subjects are wildlife, sunsets, and sunrises (whenever I manage to get up on time), and mountains. Living in a big city allows me to explore the cityscape, the most common modern human environment.


Terri Peters Toronto Metropolitan University

Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University in the Department of Architectural Science. Registered architect in the UK, WELL AP, and a member of the 2021 WELL Concept advisory for Lighting. Her research focuses on building performance in health environments, pre- and post-occupancy evaluations, and intersections between architectural quality and inhabitant quality of life in long-term care homes. An affiliated researcher at Institut du Savoir Monfort in Ottawa Canada. Co-author of the publication Design Guide: Enhancing the Liveability and Resilience of MURB.

Natali Ghawi NABAD Consulting

Natali Ghawi is an Architect, Urban Planner and Regenerative and Human and Planetary Wellness Consultant.

She specializes in designing and enhancing living spaces for the well-being of all life.

Aiming to be a source in a pool of collective knowledge, to help develop the best possible practices for a regenerative, resilient, and beautiful planet for all life.

She focuses on the importance of connecting technical knowledge into practical understandable and impactful outcomes.

Natali Ghawi is the founder of NABAD Consulting, a consulting firm specialized in designing for human and planetary well-being.

Amelia Chasey University of Central Lancashire

PhD candidate specialising in a ‘Case Study of Biophilic Hospice Design,’ with the aim to critically analyse existing End of Life Care Environments and to create a framework which can be used by designers and healthcare practitioners to implement Biophilic Design in End-of-Life Care environments to better support wellbeing. I have a passion for incorporating nature into architecture and setting a better standard for design and healthcare. I have a First-Class Honours degree in Architectural Technology which provided me with the knowledge to better understand how to design and create a healthy environment.


Keynote speaker

Marta Delgado AWM Architecture With Meaning

Marta holds a professional degree in architecture from the International University of Catalunya and a Master of Science from the University of California at Berkeley. Her area of expertise is the intersection of cognitive science and architecture that she has applied in the development of housing criteria for people displaced by natural disasters. Her objectives are to understand the human psychological and neurobiological nature of the emotional relationship with the environment. As an educator she promotes architectural criteria and practices that enhance human development and well-being.

A chat with biophilia champions

John Ennis Journeys in Design

John is Curator and Produce at Journeys in Design, focusing on mindful design and materials: soil, sea, and streets.

Journeys in Design is a series of initiatives exploring the space where design meets well-being and sustainable futures. Engaging with local communities, reaching out internationally and setting Scotland’s design talent in context. Our journeys explore where mindful design meets well-being for individuals and communities, drawing on the power of creative thinking and doing a wealth of talent in Scotland. This pathway includes Walks by Design, Wellbeing Workshops, Creative Encounters and Twilight Talks about Design, our independent series of design talks.

Erin Rovalo International Living Future Institute

Erin Rovalo is the Vice President of the Community department overseeing ILFI’s education, events, network, and publishing. Erin collaborates with team leads to develop the strategic plan that will deliver value to the ILFI community, contribute significantly to the organization’s financial strength. Erin has been a committed leader and advocate for advanced sustainable design and nature-positive solutions. She is an experienced researcher, speaker, and published author. Having served in leadership roles in green building, nature-inspired innovation, and sustainable design education, Erin subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Design Practice with the Design School at Loughborough University.

Richard Piacentini Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Richard Piacentini has guided Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens from public to private management and led the green transformation of its facilities and operations, including: the first LEED® certified visitor’s center in a public garden and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes, the first and only building in the world to meet: the Living Building, LEED® Platinum, WELL™ Building Platinum, and 4 Stars Sustainable SITES™ certifications. Piacentini is interested in the intersection between the built and natural environments, particularly as it relates to human and environmental wellness and speaks on the subject. He serves as past Chair and Secretary of the board of the ILFI.



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